​Free Puppy Play!
Puppies up to the end of 9 months of age are welcome once a week for a half day (up to 6 hours) at no cost.  

Available Monday through Friday 
Reservations required!

*Cannot be combined with a boarding stay

*Evaluation and proof of current vaccinations are required prior to any Free Puppy Play session


4 Days    $129      (8% Savings)

   8 Days    $252       (10% Savings)

    12 Days  $369       ( 12% Savings)

    16 Days  $480       ( 14% Savings)

    20 Days  $588       ( 16% Savings)

     24 Days  $702        (18% Savings)

    Unused days never expire

Single Day $35  
Half Day $20
​(Half days are any 6 hour period)

If you’re gone for long hours with your best friend on your mind, consider dog daycare at Pinkie's Play Place of Clarksville, MD where your pup is provided the best possible amenities. With a large outdoor play area, your dog will exercise and play with other well-mannered canines, supervised with care by our friendly, experienced staff. They can run, play, relax in a kurunda bed, and even enjoy a quick dip in one of our doggie pools (weather permitting. We provide lots of individual attention so that your little friend never gets bored or lonely. A day at Pinkie's will guarantee a smile on your pup’s face and a tired, but content friend at the end of your day.


Socializing your dog is essential to shaping your dogs personality. Through consistent interaction with other dogs your pet will develop better manners and overall temperament. Bringing your dogs to daycare and giving them a chance to be among their species is a great way for your dog to observe and learn proper behaviors. Consistent interaction with other dogs will also prevent future aggression. Daycare and exercise is also a great way to soothe your pet’s separation anxiety. When your dog comes to daycare he/she gets to be part of a pack and begins to bond with that pack. The pack teaches and reinforces good behaviors, which are invaluable to the socialization process.


We take any specific feeding instructions and the dogs are all fed individually in their own crates or suite. Our staff is also trained to administer medications that your pet may need during daycare or boarding.

Training Reinforcement

It is our goal to ensure that your pet gets as much attention and care while spending the day or night with us. We believe that it is important for your dog to understand good and bad behavior. Our Pack Leaders work all day with your pets, teaching them not to jump, dig, bark, chew or whine. We provide individualized attention to each of our members. All play is supervised at all times, zoomies are allowed but rough play is not. 

Rest and Relaxation

When you bring your dog for daycare or boarding, we schedule into their day two rest periods for lunch, snacks, and just a general cool down time. You are welcome to request additional or extended rest times however we do require the scheduled nap times to ensure your dog doesn't over exhaust themselves.

Naughty Behaviors

For the safety of the pack we do use hands on corrections as well as remote training collars for "naughty behaviors" (humping, excessive sniffing/licking gentials, fixation on one particular dog, hearding, pica, excessive mouth play, toy possessive/guarding ect.)

Dog to dog corrections are closely monitored but allowed if the situation deemed necessary as some lessons are best learned from another dog. 

We focus on reinforcing basic commands usings common dog training verbage including Sit, Stay, Leave It, Drop It, Off, Down, and reinforcing potty training.

We do not allow pottying inside the building.


Play Schedule

Monday  Saturday 7am to 7pm

Daycare opens at 7am

7:00-11:00 Open Play

11:00-12:00 Nap/Lunches

12:00-3:00 Open Play

3:00-4:00 Nap/Snacks

4:00-7:00 Open Play

10am to 4pm

In order for your furry friends to participate in daycare proof of current vaccinations must be provided and an evaluation must be completed.

The evaluation reservation times are 8:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:30 pm Monday through Saturdays and 12:30 on Sundays.