Getting Registered & Online Booking

Step one to becoming a pack member is completing the necessary paperwork and scheduling an evaluation day.

Evaluating our furry friends for daycare and boarding keeps everyone safe and happy. We want to make sure that all our friends are comfortable in an open play environment and fit into one of our two play groups: Bigs and Teenies. Some teenies may be a better fit with the bigs if they have a big play drive, while some bigs may be more relaxed and prefer a laid back environment with the little guys. That's just part of what we will learn about your fur baby during the evaluation.

We also look for protective instincts, toy guarding, dominance, shyness and many other personality traits that may indicate if our facility is the right one for your puppy.

We believe it takes more than 30 minutes to really get to know someone. That's why at Pinkie's Play Place we offer the first day of daycare free as an evaluation to properly get to know your dog and give them the opportunity to get comfortable in our environment, make new friends and really let their personality shine! 

Pet parents should plan on spending 20-30 minutes with us on evaluation day before leaving their fur baby. We will need to allow staff to get to know you and your dog a bit, as well as complete/review the necessary paperwork before our new furry friend heads off to make new friends of their own. 

We ask that you then leave your pet for a minimum of 3 hours on evaluation day. Once the evaluation is complete you are welcome to leave your furry friend up to 5 hours free of charge. Over 5 hours will incur a half day daycare charge but are welcome to stay for the full 12 hours of play. You will need to remain available for the first 3 hours to pick up, if necessary, before the end of the evaluation on the chance we are not a good fit for your fur baby.

Reservations are required, sorry no Friday evaluations. All forms and vaccinations must be completed before beginning the evaluation process.